Socle puts innovation at the service of collectors, the private sector and cultural institutions to promote the dissemination of their heritage

Propose new digital experiences around collections.

We use digitization techniques for the best representations of each work. This content promotes the organization of exhibitions and their mediation.

Search engine

Our search engine allows you to browse through all the referenced collections. It is only intended for curators.


The results can be filtered by art form, period and according to the content we have at our disposal.

The user gets to have a more physical experience thanks to discovering the artwork on a digital medium. He can manipulate it through his device as if the object was in front of him and therefore see it from all angles.
3D visualization allows you to perceive the shapes and details of the object. Our interface allows us to offer an immersive path punctuated with annotations and images in order to discover the object.

3D viewer, you can zoom in and see the work from any angle


Interactive narration and 3D visualization


Japanese painting detail

Flatbed scanning

We call upon a network of providers specialized in the digitization of art for museum and institutions. The reproductions are High Definition for exhibition catalogs. Socle digitizes collections of drawings, gouaches, prints, old documents ... from a small size up to A0 format (85 x 118.9 cm).

Socle pools together the digitization requests in order to offer the best prices to their customers.

Japanese painting, height: 37.4 in



The photographs are taken by specialized photographers equipped with mobile studio equipment to intervene quickly on the location of your choice.

We focus on the readability and fidelity of the original work.



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Socle's brief

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