Nicola Gördes & Stella Rossié



Avant sortir de l'exposition ce duo d'artistes allemandes nous rappellent avec leurs stickers qu'à l'extérieur beaucoup de choses sont désormais interdites


Nicola Gördes (born in 1986 in Germany) has been studying Fine Art under Aernout Mik atthe Kunstakademie Münster as well as under Marcel Odenbach at theKunstakademie Düsseldorf and graduated in 2018.Stella Rossié (born in 1989 in Germany) made her degree in Visual Art under Andreas Slominski and Ceal Floyer at the HfbK Hamburg in 2017. Gördes and Rossié began collaborating in 2013, subsequently jointly creating films and performances. “汤 Supbar”, their most recent exhibition at Galerie Jürgen Becker, was the artists’ debut solo exhibition. Their newest film “Daisy Choupette” tells the fictive conspiracy story of a sinking ship and will be released in summer 2020.